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ASC salmon

Korea is a strong consumer of marine products, and its love for marine products is so great that per capita annual consumption of
marine products (as of 2013-2015) ranks first in the world.
With more fishing operations than appropriate, Seawell is *ASC-certified* to prevent depletion of fishery resources.
Salmon is imported from a salmon farm.

In addition, we obtained ASC CoC certification and obtained qualification to bring
sustainable marine products and distribute and process them.
Seawell internationally supports certification of sustainable fisheries resources.


King Salmon of New Zealand, which produces only 1% of
the world's population, from eggs.
Formed under thorough supervision until adulthood.

From food sources to antibiotics and vaccines, to food
conditions, Managed Kingsalmon is nutritious as well as

It's a non-antibiotic, GMO-FREE, and it imports Kingsalmon.
By doing so, we support sustainable marine products
At the same time, we are taking a step toward preserving
he sea environment.

* Antibiotics, vaccine-free, GMO (no-genetic modified feed)
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Seawell, who cares about the environment, has the most
natural food. I think it should be close. Rather than raw
materials with chemical additives,
Use organic, natural ingredients, NON-GMO ingredients,
non-refined sugar, etc. Plan and develop products.

For example, Gravrax, a signature product of the Harosalmon
brand, is in the green certification process, which requires
the use of at least 95% of eco-friendly or organic food
ingredients excluding water and salt.

So, in the gravlax manufacturing method using additives,
we're only going to use natural ingredients.
We developed a technology to change the process using the
manufacturing method.

Mature salmon with eco-friendly ingredients without chemical
additives. It enhances the flavor, enhances the flavor, and it's
a superfood, beet. Development considering not only
textured red color but also nutrition.
It's in progress.