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Eco-friendly packaging

A design lab that even captures the health of people and the earth, considering simplicity, safety, and environment,
it provides minimal packaging and packaging preservatives.
Use it and put a cool design on it to think about the style and environment together.
Seawell's "Healthiness" is about thinking about both people and our planet.
And I believe it's only right if it's generated by providing such healthy products.

Seawell said that in order for humans and the Earth to coexist, the beautiful nature
and environment can be passed on to future generations without a shortage, the environment can be used to sustain the planet.
I'll change it to the eco-friendly packaging I thought of.
I will make a big change with small but continuous efforts.

Use eco-friendly paper tape
Eco-friendly business card (Repeated Paper & Bean Oil Printing)
Change Bio degradable
Using an
Ice water bottle or
Ice Pack
  • Eco-friendly
    business card

    (Repeated Paper &
    Bean Oil Printing)
  • Eco-friendly
    cooling box

  • Change

  • Change
    the label of
    recycled paper

  • Use eco-friendly
    paper tape

  • Use ice water bottles
    or eco-friendly
    paper ice packs