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Brand Belief

Only products made from fresh and
honest ingredients are believed to be healthy and delicious.



Suggest health.

Fitness Seawell proposes health by developing products optimized
for infant food, silver diet, diabetes, prescription diet, and diet
based on fishery ingredients that are excellent for muscle formation,
cardiovascular disease prevention, diet, and diabetes.


Suggest convenience.

Meal kit that anyone can cook easily and quickly even in a busy life.
We suggest products that are conveniently designed for customers' time and
situations such as protein bars or diet lunch boxes that can be eaten
immediately after 3 minutes of cooking in a microwave oven.


Suggest a taste.

It overcomes the delicious taste
with its rich aroma, texture, and soft and moist texture
derived from fresh seafood ingredients.


Suggest a nutrition

Low-salt, low-sugar, low-fat, low-calorie, high-protein fisheries ingredients are
rich in various nutrients such as omega-3, vitamin A, B2, D, unsaturated fatty
acids, minerals and essential amino acids. We suggest nutrition by using fresh
seafood ingredients that are healthy and by providing products that minimize
nutrient destruction.

What about Fitness Seawell?

Table at Fitness Seawell (Lab)

It must be valuable for my family and my health to select, groom,
and even cook healthy and fresh ingredients for my family at home,
but didn't you sometimes feel comfortable and comfortable to
have someone do this on your behalf?

Fitness Seawell is thinking about making you cook faster,
healthier and delicious. Fitness Seawell's table (lab) is
concerned about how to make your table plentiful and
healthy through the development of fishery materials.

It is studied by using marine products protein to make it easy
and easy to take protein, and by adding herbal medicines
and other food ingredients to marine products for healthier

We also study how to make protein bars or diet lunch boxes
that can be eaten as snacks to make it easy to supplement
protein and help diet.

There is not a single product in Fitness Seawell that the team
members are not satisfied with. I know the joy of taste and
the importance of health, so I don't introduce products that
my family can't eat. This is because it is the belief of Fitness
Seawell that only products made from fresh and honest
ingredients are healthy and delicious.

Role of Curator

It's not easy to
compare and
the ingredients.

Especially, there are many concerns about where to buy seafood, whether it's a really fresh
ingredient, and whether it's a good ingredient.

However, how convenient would it be if we could check the stability and guarantee the taste
by counting the country, freshness, and quality one by one?
Fitness Seawell, who thinks only products made from fresh and honest ingredients are healthy
and delicious, plays a role as a curator for demanding and difficult food ingredients so that
your kitchen is happy.

To find fresh ingredients, we visit domestic and foreign production areas to check whether
they are grown in a clean and safe environment and whether they are fresh, examine
the nutritional properties of each ingredient, and even taste them. In order to live a healthy life
together, I deeply understand the role of food, so I feel responsible for the role of curator
and verify it. This is one criterion of fitness seawell.