SEAWELL - LIKE Culture of Seawell

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We make culture and
culture makes sea wells.

Each member gathers to create a culture through faith, and that culture gathers to become a Seawell.
We sail in our own way and try to create a big wave that will change the world.


A culture where everyone
talks freely

Seawell is not an organization led by executives, executives
or representatives.
Anyone, regardless of their status, is free to talk,
and employees are free to comment, ask questions,
and criticize the CEO.

Of course, sometimes disagreements and arguments arise.
But I think it's our duty to enter into ideas and ask questions
and it's the attitude of the Sewellers.


Graduation culture

Seawell recognizes each member's dream and encourages
and helps with the challenge of realizing it,
and sees Seawell's future through the process.
Also, I respect that I acknowledge the comma in my life
and dream of rest.
Therefore, the company should be a place where everyone
graduates without dropping out.

<Nana Graduation>
The first graduate recognized by Seawell received a diploma
on July 4, 2014.
I started my first career at Seawell and worked for two years
as a member of an overseas marketing team.
Having a re-challenge to become a stewardess through
dream counseling, Seawell actively supported her who did her
best for her dream.
She followed all the programs and finally got her diploma for
the first time.
This is the case of a graduate that Ceewell recognizes.


Seawell's philosophy and
values education going
into nature.

"Can I really go to a cafe and work?" This is unnecessary in
At Seawell, everyone decides and takes responsibility for their
own decisions. In order to deeply understand and practice
the culture of this company, Seawell regularly conducts
training on philosophy and values.

If there is a place where we can think about great scenery,
delicious food, and quiet place where we can have a meeting,
we are conducting education with healing.