BRAND STORY Hallo Salmon

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Brand Belief

It is carefully made with the belief that
the freshest ingredients are the most delicious.

HALLO Brand Value



Freshness is more important than any value in Harosalmon.
Freshness is the most basic in food, and I think it can be stacked up
only when the basic is solid. So to keep it fresh, we partner with Chile,
Norway, and New Zealand salmon exporters to import only
the highest-grade Superior-class salmon.
To minimize the distribution process and establish a cold chain
system, a processing plant was built near Incheon Airport,
and the logistics system coming to Busan/Tongyeong.
We install and operate a temperature management taco meter.
Also, through research and development of patent technology to
improve the storage of products, the sub-materials must be freshest
to enhance the taste of salmon, so you can enjoy 'freshness' for
a long time by selecting different storage methods depending on
the type of sub-materials and freshness.


Taste & Flavor

I meet you with a variety of products such as
raw salmon, gravrax, herb-aged salmon, citron-aged salmon, etc.
The fact that you meet Salmon makes the taste and aroma
the best so that it can be the best meal.
I make salmon products every day, but I don't always apply the same recipe.
Choose a recipe based on the salmon freshness, degree of firmness and
sub-material condition of the day.
Therefore, our recipe is applied differently every day for the best taste and aroma.



I suggest you the best experience to make your heart flutter and happy when you think of Harosalmon.
From the moment Harosalmon meets you, I think and study about it until the last moment of experience and processing the packaging.
Experience with Harosalmon in your life, such as whether refrigeration or freezing is appropriate,
whether the packaging is wet during delivery, the taste of food eaten in restaurants through microwave cooking,
or whether it is easy to dispose of trash with minimal packaging.

What about Hallo?

Hello! I'm HALO.
I was born in Northern Europe and my favorite food is salmon.
The love of salmon has been great in Northern Europe
for a long time!

To eat it for a long time, I seasoned it with salt and aged it. I ate it with sizzling steak and dipped it in the stew. As I naturally encountered various salmon recipes, my love for salmon deepened day by day.

Now, I'm traveling all over the world for salmon
that I love the most, and I'm introducing salmon
in various recipes.


It is created
the Hallosalmon
FTE program.
F - Freshness
T - Taste
E - Experience

The quality of all salmon is different.
That's why Hallosalmon is constantly evolving.
It categorizes the unique characteristics of salmon by item to provide a uniform and
balanced taste, and applies recipes that suit the characteristics.
The products created by Hallosalmon's FTE program start with Hallosalmon's first
"customer-centered" pursuit. We think, research, and produce so that someone's table
can be happy with just Hallosalmon.